What is smart.ad? Innovative Smart Advertising Platform

Artificial Intelligence & human driven advertising platform to create, evaluate and scale up your marketing efforts to constantly deliver a positive ROI*

* ROI - Return on Investment

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what is smart.adTM

smart.adTM is an innovative new advertising platform for businesses and individuals looking for a simple solution to effectively advertise their products and services through intelligently placed text and rich media banners on publisher websites.

smart.adTM platform utilizes artificial intelligence-driven algorithms that place banners on highly ranked and relevant sites based on advertiser content and the behavior of your website's visitors. It is an innovative advertising tool that speeds up the process of achieving a positive ROI as well as synergy with a human account manager.

Develop Leads, Increase Calls, Grow Sales

  • Where is Your Online Audience?

    Small business owners know that there are plenty of opportunities created by customers shifting to online channels to do their shopping, but they find themselves in a tough spot. Even when they've created a beautiful website with flawless SEO, they still might not get the traffic they want.

    Maybe you've had some success with a paid campaign that generated lots of clicks, but that costs money and doesn't guarantee sales.

    You've probably gotten traffic from different channels, but it's nearly impossible for you to know where it all came from.

  • What is smart.adTM?

    smart.adTM is a client-and-results-driven approach to advertising. It is a custom-built approach that is designed to bring you meaningful traffic and returning customers.

    smart.adTM uses a pragmatic and iterative process to target the right customers with specifically tailored advertising and content messaging to capture their interest.

    The process succeeds when you succeed thanks to its learning-based approach to advertising that yields demonstrable and sustainable results.

  • How It Works

    Assessment: smart.adTM first assesses, characterizes and qualifies your potential audience in order to design targeted advertisements that result in meaningful traffic.

    Analysis: It then analyzes the data it gathers to assess its own performance and provide meaningful feedback about your campaign.

    Optimization: smart.adTM takes the data it has collected and analyzed to optimize your copy and images to maximize clicks and conversions, giving you a tangible return on your investment.

A simple 3 step process: CRAWL, WALK, RUN

Our AI-driven platform will develop the best strategies for introducing your site to visitors who are looking for your product

Customer Testimonial

“The speed with which we started seeing an increase in lead activity exceeded all my expectations! We noticed quick increase in user engagement and finally a positive ROI. We look forward to continuing to grow our business you!”

Clark Albright

Platform Features

All-In-One Artificial Intelligence Software. Every moment. Every Channel. Every Customer.


Demographics & Interests

smart.adTM accounts for customer demographics and interests and applies these data points to all other variables. This ensures conversion of targeting specifications. This data is shared across all channels and updated as visitor behavior change.


Targeting an Audience of One

smart.adTM has the advantage of turning the thousands of visitors to your site into an audience of one. By using your pre-existing customer data, the smart.adTM system is able to build unique customer profiles that continue to evolve as new data pours in.


Attribution Modeling

Thanks to its autonomous, on-the-fly decision making, smart.adTM can effectively assign a budget to various channels and maximize the efficiency. These calculations are based not only on pure performance figures, but on true influence and value.

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Creative & Messaging

smart.adTM tests its creative and headline combinations as it goes, determining which ones are the most successful in real time. It will also tell you when its system is experiencing creative fatigue and recommend new ideas to boost visitor engagement.


Cross-Channel Sampling

smart.adTM targets your customers wherever they are and provides messages that are the most efficient for a specific channel. Using these cross-channel learnings to maximize results makes decisions regarding channel investment easier than ever.


Learning on Steroids

smart.adTM learns which channels are the most effective for direct engagement and invests accordingly. In other words, it doesn't discriminate based on KPI - it works towards what you need.


Cross-Channel Redefined

The benefits of cross-channel and cross-device expertise can only be described as a new-found freedom from the shackles of modern marketing. Revenue is scaled quickly as smart.adTM identifies prospects previously uncovered with marketing efforts.


Complete Cross-Channel

smart.adTM is configured from the ground up to execute campaigns across paid channels (such as social media and search results) and non-paid channels (such as email and SMS). No matter where your customers are, we are here to find them.

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We execute campaigns across multiple devices. Our strategies take into consideration the level of contribution any device has on a conversion, including the flow where the customer engaged and the device affinity per individual customer.


User Engagement Videos

If you're concerned about spending too much time and money on underperforming investment efforts, you will be happy to know that smart.adTM makes the most accurate investment decisions possible by relying on analysis and insights from user engagement videos.

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Customer Identity Resolution

The ability to understand customer behavior across different channels is crucial for applying any learned behavior. smart.adTM uses the data it collects to gain a thorough understanding of customer behavior and preferences.


Autonomous Campaign Management

smart.adTM's mission is to continuously hit your KPI in the most efficient way possible. We understand that your KPI is unique and specific to your business, and we aim to deliver an autonomous management solution that is tailored to your needs.


Make Better Investment Decisions

Because our mission is to help you hit your KPI in the most effective and efficient way possible, smart.adTM is designed for assisted channel and marketing mix on the fly. This will give you a more accurate and holistic view of where you should be making your marketing investments.


Segment and Micro-Segment Creation

Our process breaks down data into categories such as clients, visitors, lookalikes and new audience members. The data that we gather and organize into these categories allows us to test thousands of variables in a fraction of the time it would take a human marketer to do.


Testing & Optimization

The smart.adTM platform automatically launches dozens of micro-campaigns, each of which is structured to test an algorithm identified as having a high probability of success. Our process determines which of these campaigns should be scaled up and which should be abandoned.

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Autonomous Media Buying

While the traditional media buying system is completely dependent on the actions of one person, smart.adTM AI media buying can operate with little manual interaction. Human overview ensures that the buying process is going according to your own plan, but our AI interface makes the process easier than ever before.


Increase & Accelerate Revenue

smart.adTM allows you to get your campaign to market much more quickly while identifying new revenue-generating opportunities you might not have considered before. Take the time to focus on areas that drive the most conversions, increase engagement, and identify entirely new audiences.


Ad Fraud be gone

Ad fraud wastes ad dollars on useless clicks and muddies measurement accuracy that mistakes bots for real users. Fortunately, smart.adTM negates the impact of this fraudulent traffic, ensuring that you have the most accurate measurements possible of your site's traffic.

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Full Transparency

smart.adTM artificial intelligence interface has only one goal in mind: meeting or exceeding your KPI. Since the process is almost entirely automated, you never have to worry about a middle man getting involved with your campaign.

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By testing thousands of variables and algorithms at a rapid pace and scale, smart.adTM finds and targets customers in ways that a human might never consider. The automated system targets customers based on geography, demographics, behaviors and interests.

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Save Time & Money

Because smart.adTM is able to target customers across multiple channels and devices, you can reduce the countless hours and advertising dollars you would need if you were to perform its operations yourself.

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A Limitless Repository of Intelligence

smart.adTM was designed utilizing artificial intelligence, which means it is constantly learning and finding new solutions to any issues your campaign might have. All of its learnings are available as they develop, so you will no longer have to perform analyses and extract insights yourself.

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Delight Customers with Individualized Experiences

smart.adTM analyzes data at a rate that allows it to deliver truly unique experiences to your customers. It does this by focusing its efforts on areas that drive conversions and increase engagement.


Higher-Value Problem Solving

All marketers are storytellers at heart. Since smart.adTM saves time and money by doing most of the analytical legwork, you will have the power to focus more of your time and energy on things such as strategy and engaging with your customers.

Customer Testimonial

“Achieving sustainable performance results in the dynamic market is a challenge: countless products, well-versed target groups, and constantly changing conditions. But we face it with smart.ad – and have been able to boost our ROI to up to 30% in no time.”

Linda Lansing

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Special About smart.adTM Approach?

The smart.adTM advertising platform is focused on three key things: leads, calls, and sales. We leverage data to create a plan that focuses on all of these things while other marketing agencies focus mainly on brokering traffic to your site.

What Packages are Available

We currently have two smart.adTM packages available: Starter and Pro.

Why do I Have to Pay an Initiation Fee?

smart.adTM assigns an account manager who is responsible for the on-boarding process of your online business. In order to quickly tackle all of your objectives, we need to understand your business, prepare a competitive analysis, and implement advanced tracking to account for any visitor engagement that might lead to sales. This is a complicated process that does require an initiation fee, but it is also one of the reasons why our turnaround time is so fast.

I Already Run Online Campaigns. Can I Supplement My Efforts with Your Platform?

Absolutely! We actually prefer that you share your own reporting platforms so that we can coordinate with them to achieve even faster and better results.

What's the Input of Artificial Intelligence-Driven Mechanisms on Campaign Results?

smart.adTM is an AI-driven platform, but we don't leave all the work to machines. Successful marketing campaigns require creative ideas, something that can only come from a human being. We use AI to gather data and help determine what will work best for your website. Artificial intelligence is a tool, but it is an incredibly useful tool that ensures that there are no loose ends that need to be tied up.

  • AI driven optimization algorithms
  • Client-focused and results-driven approach
  • Demonstrable and sustainable results that last
  • Rapid pace and scale to test thousands of variables
  • Pragmattic and iterative process to target right visitors
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What the media is saying

The hype around Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ramping up, especially as big tech companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft attempt to commercialize its use.

Ad Exchanger

Ad Exchanger

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is surging in ad/mar tech land. A lot of companies, don’t have that skill [to build machine-learning applications], so they need to contract someone or hire people,” said IBM’s Gold, adding that Watson enables “the average Joe” to access “higher-fidelity AI conversations,” like chatbots.”

The Guardian

The Guardian

“While for some the notion of AI represents a step into science fiction (or at least science future), there are iterations that have real world implications at this moment. This version of AI will probably not bring about downfall of humanity, but rather be used to shape how advertising is created and targeted.”



“The hype around artificial intelligence (AI) is ramping up, especially as big tech companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft attempt to commercialize its use. Agencies are also starting to figure out how they can leverage AI to make their clients’ marketing and advertising efforts more effective.”

Tech Emergence

Tech Emergence

"In the hundreds of researcher and executive interviews we’ve been fortunate enough to conduct, few artificial intelligence applications are brought up more than marketing and advertising. During talks with execs and researchers from companies, marketing has been a perennial theme in conversations of AI’s hottest applications.”

MarTech Advisor

MarTech Advisor

"As the Artificial Intelligence market is projected to grow by 53% in by 2020, advertisers are looking for ways to use the technology to their advantage. Researchers and advertisers can use AI’s incredible data mining and organizing capabilities to understand audiences like never before."

Campaign Live

Campaign Live

"Machine learning is a type of AI that allows computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. The more data a computer has, the more it can learn. You can teach a machine to recognise patterns, but if you only teach it one pattern, your machine is pretty limited."